Our History

Dynamic People in 1975

In December of 1974 in the Southern Tagalog Region of Cavite City, a group of ambitious teens got together and decided they wanted to help the poor and needy people in their community. The group of kids came up with creative ways to solicit donations by Christmas caroling door to door and accepting small donations like food and toys to give to the unfortunate people of their community. This group of teenagers had compassion for the less fortunate and would even visit the local jail inmates giving them small gifts and entertaining them with holiday songs. They desired to make people feel like someone really cared about them. They called themselves, “The Dynamic People”.

Over time Dynamic People grew in numbers and became more organized. The group found other creative ways to solicit donations by sponsoring concerts and local rock bands in Montano Hall and also parades, beauty pageants and cheering squads in the city. The organization accepted donations from local businesses and individual families collecting food and goods or small donations to give to the poor and needy people.

One story that really stands out is how they helped the people dwelling by the cemetery and sea areas. These people were the neediest of all and the group would donate medicine, canned goods, toys or anything else they could provide to these struggling families.

In Cavite City, word spread of the group’s efforts and city officials allowed them to hold concerts, entertainment programs and sporting events like local basketball leagues. They would also invite people from the entertainment industry in hope of receiving more substantial donations. Their campaign was also recognized in nearby cities like Naic, Noveleta, Bacoor, Binakayan and surrounding provinces and they too joined in the humanitarian effort and the group became larger and stronger in numbers. The group continued their efforts but soon became fewer and they slowly faded away.

In early 2012, some of the founding members reconnected through Facebook and shared the idea of bringing back and reviving the organization. To all the hard work and efforts of the new officers, Dynamic People Pilipinas Inc. is reborn! We are now certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manila, DPPI will continue their efforts to help not only the needy people in Cavite City, but the whole Southern and Northern Region of the Philippines.